What we do

Retail Akumyn offer a range of services that focus on implementing and evaluating retail strategy. These services have been developed to optimise retail in-store execution, maximise customer experience and to drive supplier engagement.

Loyalty + Campaigns

Research has shown that more than two-thirds of consumers spend more with brands they have developed a relationship with. Loyalty programs help advance that relationship, and the easier it is for your customers to continue participation, the more you can learn about them and the greater the level of engagement will be.

Technology is at the core of our customer loyalty solution. Designed to drive customer engagement, we use our loyalty technology solution to engage, inform, motivate, and recognize customers. Understanding your customer and the ability to execute personalized and targeted communications will provide a significant competitive advantage.

We help you make the most of your customer data. With our comprehensive real-time reporting you can measure ROI, understand what drives your customers and collect information creating powerful insights that ensure timely, ongoing, and relevant engagement.

We help you leverage the data you have collected on each customer providing you with the ability to create targeted, data-driven campaigns. Target your customers with the right offer, at the right time and across multiple channels. Our reporting tools will enable you to analyse the effectiveness of any marketing or promotion campaign.

Key Features

  • Versatile and flexible platform compatible with all major windows-based POS systems
  • Customization options
  • Installed with minimal / no disruption to trade through a web-based portal
  • Training and support from the team that designed, developed and installed the platform
  • No reliance on any other 3rd party – all aspects of the technology and services are owned and managed by Retail Akumyn
  • Strict Data Privacy protocols with data remaining the property of the Retail Outlet and/or Retailer
  • We provide all elements of a loyalty platform:
    • Latest technology
    • Fully supported software Installation, training and ongoing support
    • Loyalty Cards and other elements of communication
    • Campaign Management
    • Reporting and Analytics

Merchandising + Planogram execution

With our team of experienced Merchandisers located across Australia and strong retail connections, Retail Akumyn can help you achieve success.

In the increasingly competitive retail landscape, it can be difficult to find a competitive edge beyond service and price. Merchandising often falls low in priority, when in fact effective Merchandising is key to improving customer experience and maximising sales.

The Retail Akumyn Team can help you build clear Merchandising Strategies and help deliver and implement Retail Standards across your individual store or entire group. This can be in the format of Site Relays to different Floor Plans, or simply improving compliance through Planogram Completion.

With our best in class retail analytics capabilities, we utilise your store level retail data and other industry analytics to measure the impact of merchandising execution and deliver compliance and ROI measures to enable your business to sell more effectively and profitably.


  • Planogram Execution
  • Relay Implementation
  • Promotional Activation
  • Compliance Auditing
  • New line placement
  • Category Positioning Consultation
  • Site Maintenance – upkeeping Merchandising Standards
  • Retail Analytics

Promotions Execution + Reporting

Successful retail promotions rely on exceptional execution and best in class analytics and that’s just what Retail Akumyn delivers.
Simply put, Retail Merchandising guarantees, right message, right place and right time. Retail Akumyn helps retailers and suppliers fill in the execution gaps in the process. Gaps exist because supplier and retailer promotion initiatives run into the reality of store level execution. This includes;

  • lack of employee expertise with merchandising and display set-up
  • poor install display
  • improper placement of product
  • inadequate POS or ticketing placement

The Retail Akumyn Team will ensure in-store execution of your promotional campaign whether it be a regular monthly catalogue promotion or an ad hoc supplier promotion.

  • Promotional stock placement
  • Off-location POS implementation
  • Ticketing placement
  • Promotional price verification
  • Compliance & sales reporting

Our best-in-class data analytics, utilising your store’s transaction- level sales data, enables you to manage your promotions effectively across a defined group or individual stores to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness by:

  • Monitoring the sales performance of stores and/or the group of stores
  • Creating alerts to reduce out-of-stocks
  • Confirming promotional price adherence
  • Tracking daily sales performance
  • Providing off-location photographic evidence to support compliance
  • Providing supplier visibility to promotional performance and compliance